Have you noticed the constant barrage of bad news about the coronavirus? (That was sarcasm.)

During tough times, folks instinctively hunker down together to deal.

With a viral outbreak, we don’t have that option. So people are turning instead to cannabis consumption during COVID-19 to lessen their stress.

It’s not a hug exactly.  But it can provide a break from the chaos and mayhem.

Still, many questions have arisen around cannabis use that involve safety issues and straight-up etiquette.

  1. Should You Be Smoking Marijuana?

Obviously, this is a personal choice.

But we will tell you that overall there was an 18% increase in orders for edibles as the virus approached. Meanwhile, orders for flower dropped 21%.

This seems to indicate that, given COVID-19’s attack on the lungs, some consumers are opting to smoke less. It’s not a bad idea at this point.

Research shows that COVID-19 affects the respiratory tree of the body. These are the passages that direct air into the tiny air sacs deep in our lungs.

As a body infected with the virus attempts fo fight it, inflammation occurs in the airways and causes damage. That damage can increase the risk for complications.

That means that smoking or vaping marijuana, along with smoking cigarettes or living in a polluted environment, will make it harder for the lungs to process the virus effectively.

Fortunately, there are other ways to partake.

You could take your current stash and bake with it. Or switch over to purchasing just edibles at this point.

Consider CBD products as well. Although non-psychoactive, it does a bang-up job at relieving stress and anxiety.

What If You Have Roommates?

If you’re just not on board with switching to edibles and you have roommates, you’re going to need to be sure they’ll cool with you consuming it.

With everyone grouped together in isolation, roommate relationships can easily get pushed to their breaking point. Don’t let it be over cannabis consumption.

So be courteous. If you must smoke or vape, do it near an open window. Or if you live in a state where it’s legal, take it outside with you on one of the countless walks you’ll be taking today.

How Do You Manage When Living with Parents?

Roommates are one challenge. Boomer parents can be another altogether.

Especially if they’re not down with your consumption.

Again, experts discourage smoking and vaping. In the case of living with your parents, now is the ideal time to shift to sub-lingual tinctures and edibles. Your parents are far less likely to know that you’re embibing.

As we mentioned above, you could try CBD if you you’re using it purely for relieving stress and anxiety. You may even be able to get your boomer parents on board.

One additional consideration in this situation is keeping your parents protected from COVID-19. You may want to ask a friend to go pick up the products for you and then drop them off without any contact.

This is to ensure there’s a limited amount of interaction between you and other people who might be infected.

Which brings us to our final question.

Is It Actually Safe to Go to a Dispensary?

Dispensaries in Michigan have been declared essential businesses. But they are relegated to the same rules as restaurants.

That means that you’ll need to pick up your goods curbside at your chosen dispensary.

There is also the option to deliver.

You’ll definitely want to avoid the black market during this pandemic. There’s simply no way to know whether it’s free of contagions.

The rule of thumb, as with anywhere else right now, it to be cautious about where you guy.

No Need to Quit Cannabis Consumption During COVID-19

If cannabis consumption during COVID-19 is helping you to get through the challenges, then there’s no need to give it up.

Just be mindful about your roomies, your parents, and your lungs.

And when this mess has passed, you’ll be able to pass your joint around again.

For the most up-to-date info on cannabis and COVID-19, keep checking back with our blog.