Cannabis companies are forever helping out the communities where they operate.

So could cannabis facilities become makeshift hospitals for COVID-19?

They’re already considering it in Canada. It’s something we should start considering here in the states as well.

And why not? If distilleries can help out by making hand sanitizer, why not take advantage of the unique features cannabis facilities have to offer?

With Modifications Cannabis Facilities Become Makeshift Hospitals

In Canada, as in the United States, the strain of the coronavirus is threatening healthcare systems.

There is a seemingly never-ending quest for more beds, additional space, and safe locations where those who are infected with COVID-19 can be treated.

So the idea of using cannabis facilities is not so far-fetched.

Here’s the thinking:

  1. There Are Many of Them

With such a wide range of locations throughout the country, a vast number of communities could be served. This is especially key in smaller communities where the hospitals will hit capacity much more quickly.

  1. They Have Security in Place

Because of the nature of their product – something that was once an illicit drug – cannabis facilities are well equipped with facility security, access monitoring, and control.

Patients and healthcare workers could feel secure in these environments while battling this deadly virus.

  1. The Shift Could Happen Quickly

Many cannabis facilities are either recently renovated or brand new.

As such, they possess certain features that make it easy to quickly set up a makeshift hospital.

Access-controlled rooms could be used for patient separation and staging. They also have excellent air filtration and distribution – an important factor when dealing with an airborne virus.

So Could Cannabis Facilities Become Makeshift Hospitals?

We feel that it’s definitely worth considering. We have nothing else to lose at this point.

The federal government – along with those on the local and state levels – are already offering access to coronavirus recovery measures for other sectors. For instance, Tesla is making ventilators.

Of course, since cannabis continues to be illegal on the federal level in the United States, it’s highly unlikely they’ll provide funding.

But it’s possible that local and state governments could secure funds to expedite this process.

Cannabis companies are already braving the front lines to make marijuana available for their customers.

This is just another way they can help in the battle against COVID-19.

How Are You Navigating the Isolation?

We hope you’re finding creative ways deal with this unsettling situation. And that you have plenty of cannabis to ease your anxiety.

If we continue to practice social distancing, maybe it won’t get to the point where cannabis facilities become makeshift hospitals.

But it would be nice to know that they’re there. Just in case.

To keep up with the events surrounding cannabis and COVID-19, keep checking back with our blog.