While thankfulness never goes out of style, November is the month many of us fully embrace it during Thanksgiving.

Yet, for many families, Thanksgiving is just another day where getting by and surviving is the name of the game.

And it’s even worse this year.

None of this is lost on Jerry Millen. As a result, the Walled Lake dispensary owner is organizing a turkey giveaway.

Creating a Meaningful Thanksgiving

Jerry Millen of the Greenhouse in Walled Lake is no stranger to wondering where his next meal is coming from. Or IF there’ll be a meal at all. He comes from humble working-class beginnings where he learned the importance of families coming together to celebrate the holidays.

But we all know that everything is different this year.

With the pandemic raging on, the economy is strained and families are struggling to make ends meet. Plus, many don’t feel comfortable in gathering this year and potentially exploring vulnerable family members.

And that means that many families assume they’ll be going without a Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Millen isn’t having any of it.

Dispensary Owner Is Organizing a Turkey Giveaway

Millen got into the cannabis business with a strong determination to never forget the importance of giving back. And he consistently does just that.

During any given year under regular circumstances, Millen is pivotal in sponsoring events and fundraisers to raise money and provide opportunities for those struggling in the community.

And throughout the pandemic, the Greenhouse has been and continues to be a beacon for those needing both medical and recreational marijuana. Ensuring that patients and consumers didn’t have to go without cannabis during this challenging time was at the top of Millen’s list.

Now, he’s making sure that at least 500 families who have hit upon hard times will still be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with a delicious and robust turkey – at absolutely no cost.

“So many families are dealing with financial hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors and I want to assist them so they can have a meaningful Thanksgiving,” says Millen. “I am proud that the Greenhouse of Walled Lake can step up and meet this challenge so our friends, neighbors, and customers can enjoy the holiday.”

Are You Eligible?

If you feel that a Thanksgiving turkey is not in the cards for you this year, all you have to do to be eligible to get a free turkey is to go to greenhousemi.com or call Greenhouse of Walled Lake at 1-833-MI Green (644-7336) to reserve one.

In addition, Millen is giving away another 100 turkeys to Hospitality House of Commerce Township – who will then distribute them to needy families in the area.

Once you’ve reserved your turkey, the big giveaway will take place on Thursday, November 19th, between noon and 6:00pm at Greenhouse of Walled Lake, located at 103 East Walled Lake Drive.

And be sure to stay tuned to all the happenings at the Greenhouse through the holiday season, as they will soon be announcing the “Greenhouse of Walled Lake Adopt 10 Families for Christmas Program.” Millen will be donating $1,000 to each of ten eligible families.

It’s sure to make all the difference for these families this coming December.

The Cannabis Industry Just Keeps Giving Back

When we decided to get into the business of cannabis marketing and public relations, we were drawn to altruism regularly demonstrated by this industry.

So the fact that a dispensary owner is organizing a turkey giveaway to provide a meaningful experience for needy families comes as no surprise. And we’re truly thankful.

For more great stories on the wonderful things happening in this industry, keep checking back with us.