Well, it’s winter. And in the midst of the cold and dark, you might be also working on improving your health for 2024.

If you’re doing dry January or are simply looking for ways to lower your alcohol intake this year, it can be really challenging. And if mocktails aren’t quite cutting it, how about adding a little THC to them?

Even though our area of expertise is cannabis marketing, we’re going to offer up some THC mocktails for dry January and beyond.

Cannabis Mocktail Recipes

Cannabis-infused drinks are a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. You’ll still get a buzz, though it’ll be a bit different from the alcohol one you know.

There are many cannabis products on the market that’ll give your mocktail that special kick. These include tinctures, oils, and syrups. While our recipes below all use tinctures, feel free to experiment. You’ll want to read labels carefully and be mindful of your dosage.

If you’re relatively new to the cannabis game, start small and wait 30 minutes to see the effects. Also, you’ll want to thoroughly mix or stir your mocktail to ensure that the TJC is evenly distributed.

Below are five easy THC mocktail recipes to get you started.

  1. THC Mule

Do you love a Moscow Mule? If so, you may be won over by this THC-infused version.


2 oz. ginger beer

1 oz. lime juice

1 oz. non-alcohol vodka

1 dropper full of THC tincture

Lime wedge for garnish

Combine ginger beer, lime juice, non-alcohol vodka, and THC tincture in a glass with ice. Stir VERY well and garnish with a lime wedge.

  1. Green Tea High

Maybe you’re looking for something with a bit of a pick-me-up. THC-infused green tea is the perfect solution. While the recipe calls for ice you can also do this one hot.


1 green tea bag

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

1/2 oz. honey syrup (made with equal parts honey and water)

1 dropper full of THC tincture

Steep tea bag in hot water for 3-4 minutes, then let it cool. Combine tea with lime juice, honey syrup, and THC tincture in a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a glass with ice.

  1. Blended Canna-Colada

Nothing brings a warm tropical day to mind like a piña colada. With a canna-colada, you can imagine yourself on the beach under the warm sun. And getting your high from THC rather than alcohol will give you an even more chill experience.


2 oz. pineapple juice

2 oz. coconut cream

1 oz. non-alcohol rum substitute

1 dropper full of THC tincture

Pineapple wedge for garnish

With the exception of the pineapple wedge, combine all of the other ingredients in a blender with ice. Blend until smooth, adding more ice if needed.

  1. THC-Infused Lemonade

You can pretend it’s a hot summer day with this refreshing THC-infused lemonade. And you won’t need to find any non-alcohol substitutes for this one.


1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup sugar

6 cups water

2-3 droppers full of THC tincture

Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Once the mixture has cooled, add in the lemon juice and THC tincture. Stir THOROUGHLY then place in the fridge for at least an hour to chill.

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever

This fruity and refreshing mocktail is another one that requires no non-alcohol substitute. The fruity flavors also mask the taste of cannabis, so it’s perfect for those who want the benefits of THC without that distinct marijuana flavor.


3 oz. strawberry puree

2 oz. lemon-lime soda

1 dropper full of THC tincture

Simply combine strawberry puree, lemon-lime soda, and THC tincture in a glass with ice and then, yes, stir VERY well.

Cheers To Your Good Health!

As you venture into making THC mocktails for dry January and beyond, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can experiment with different fruits, spices, and herbs to create your own signature drink.

By summer, you may have ditched alcohol altogether!

In the meantime, as you await the warmth of spring, keep yourself entertained by checking back with our blog!