With grocery stores packed with people stockpiling rice and beans, eggs, and bread to get through the COVID-19 quarantine, you might be considering stocking up on cannabis.

It’s not a bad idea.

After all, having to deal with a viral outbreak like this is unprecedented in our era.

So there’s always the that chance dispensaries will have to close their doors too.

Dispensaries Selling Recreational Marijuana Experiencing Crowds

This past weekend, the Green House in Walled Lake had their grand opening for selling recreational marijuana.

And there was a good crowd.

Of course, some of that could have been because it was the first day of recreational marijuana sales there. It was also the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.

But it’s safe to assume that were also people there who were stockpiling in light of the COVID-19 virus.

Even in other locations where recreational marijuana has been available for a while, dispensaries have seen an uptick in their business as well.

Trying to Avoid a Dire Situation

For some folks, running out of their recreational marijuana would be drag, to be sure. If they’re used to the calming high that comes with regular use, they’ll feel uncomfortable for a while if they run out.

So it makes sense that they would be stockpiling it. Especially given the rise in anxiety due to the spread of the COVID-virus and all the uncertainty that surrounds it.

For medical marijuana patients though, the situation is much more dire should they run out of their medicine.

For those customers, purchasing a few months worth of marijuana products will be necessary in managing chronic pain or symptoms during potential quarantine.

It becomes even more important when you consider the fact that many of these patients may not be able to get to the pharmacist or to doctor’s appointments in order to get their regular prescriptions refilled or renewed.

Plus, you can’t stockpile traditional pharmaceuticals. Even in this state of emergency.

So having that extra cannabis on hand could make all the difference.

Dispensaries Taking Necessary Precautions

As of the date of this post, dispensaries remain open.

But they’re taking COVID-19 very seriously. Employees wear latex gloves, and bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray sit beside each checkout station.

Facilities are cleaned overnight and daily in response to concerns about the virus.

To further limit contact with others, they are also putting quick in-an-out checkout methods into place. It is possible that they’ll soon have to move to a “reserve ahead only” status – as have many dispensaries on the east cost.

But for the time being, you can still go into the dispensaries to secure your cannabis. So don’t hesitate!

Stocking up on Cannabis Makes Sense

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or just a cannabis enthusiast, it’s feeling more and more like stocking up on cannabis is a wise decision.

Nobody knows what’s coming next in term of this virus – or for how long we might have to avoid contact with one another.

Ease the anxiety of all of this with marijuana. And we’ll see you on the other side of this!

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