We’ve been on a cannabis provisioning software kick lately.

So in the continued name of helping cannabis businesses thrive, we’re taking a look at Portal42 software.

It has every feature a provisioning center needs, plus a lot of extras that will help make managing your cannabis business easier.

Portal42 even goes beyond software.

The Basics of Portal42 Cannabis Provisioning Software

Let’s be clear. There’s nothing basic about what Portal42 offers. That’s why 60% of dispensaries in Michigan are currently using it.

Portal42 is a Michigan-based software company that’s validated by METRC. So staying compliant is a breeze.

The software also makes online ordering a convenient option for your customers. This is great for pickup orders and even delivery.

As a cannabis business, offering delivery is a surefire way to increase your sales. Portal42 software can track and manage your entire delivery process.

Of course, the foundation of a successful business is amazing employees. Okay, there’s no software that can comb through the general population to find you those employees. But Portal42 software can help you manage them once you do find them.

Maximizing your marketing efforts is essential in any business. Portal42’s built-in CRM enables you to maximize those efforts when connecting with your clients/patients.

Plus, you want software that offers an in app wallet and texting, as well as a live menu that is able to provide inventory updates to your online store in real time. Portal42 has you covered.

Going beyond Software

Portal42’s full ERP solution goes beyond software.

They also provide full telephone services, firewall and networking solutions, and individual cloud-based servers.

And get this.

Portal42 even offers in-store furniture options such as flower display islands, in-store kiosks, and complete budtending stations.

Whether you have a large cannabis facility or are just starting out, their pricing is modeled to ensure you can enjoy every feature they offer without having to sacrifice a quality experience for your patients.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear the Portal42 is committed to the success of cannabis businesses.

They provide free onsite onboarding to make sure you and your team are completely comfortable at all times.

And for companies located in or near Michigan, Portal42 can provide support and training in person right at your facility.

They’re really the whole package. So schedule a demo today.

Get the Features You Expect

As a business owner, you don’t need to settle for subpar cannabis provisioning software.

Portal42 offers every feature you’ve come to expect – plus many extras you didn’t! And as the cannabis industry changes and needs shift, you can be sure they’ll keep offering more.

Effective software paired with professional cannabis marketing strategies is the best recipe for success.

Contact us today for a free consultation.