It’s hard to deny that the cannabis industry is forever morphing and changing.

Even so, there are enduring cannabis trends that will likely continue to be relevant all the way through 2023. Especially in terms of marketing.

And they go beyond market growth and legalization – two trends on which we can safely rely.

The Most Enduring Cannabis Industry Trends

In the world of advertising, cannabis marketing is its own unique creature. There are certain rules and regulations that make it more difficult to advertise cannabis.

So it’s doubly important that cannabis business owners know which trends are essential in garnering the attention they need to succeed. We’ll take a look at six trends that have remained steadfast.

  1. Diversity And Customer Growth

Being able to count on legalization and market growth means a new pool of interested customers. To marketing experts, it’s a clear opportunity to appeal to niche markets.

Utilizing divergent approaches to new niche cannabis marketing strategies will be key in attracting attention and drawing the public.

  1. Creating Quality Content

Content marketing is one of the trends that cannabis business owners share with every business owner. As such, content marketing should be a key player in any cannabis marketing strategy.

Distributing content using various methods such as earned, owned, and paid media, is an effective way to get the content to the desired demographic. And don’t forget the importance of leveraging SEO with your blog and other tools.

  1. Product Variety

Product variety is one of the components of the aforementioned ever-changing industry. Novel products show up on the shelves on a regular basis. And breeders are always creating new strains.

Cannabis marketing pros know the importance of presenting products that may have been previously overlooked. For example, beverages look to be popular this year. So business owners would be wise to promote those.

  1. Data-Driven Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing decisions were made based on a guess and a wish. These days, it’s essential that business owners have a keen understanding of their consumers and what they prefer.

Fortunately, all of that information is out there to help marketers optimize brand recognition. They just need to go through the data and analytics to extract the  most useful information.

  1. New Cannabinoids

Once upon a time, the only cannabinoid getting any press was THC. And while it still may be the one most desired, we now know a lot more about CBD. Add to that wide ranging benefits of CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV…

And we’re just getting started. There will likely be new cannabinoids discovered this year that will show up in blends and compounds and treat all sorts of conditions. Educating consumers on the benefits of these new cannabinoid discoveries could be a valuable part of one’s marketing strategy and position them as experts in the industry.

  1. Storytelling

If a cannabis business owner hasn’t yet figured out how to tell their brand story, this should be high on the list of priorities. Consumers aren’t really interested any longer in company’s that rattle on about how great their product or service is. They want the story of the brand, what benefits it offers, and how does it engage with them. These are the elements of storytelling. And it’s something that an experienced cannabis marketing specialist knows how to create.

Keep An Eye on Cannabis Industry Trends

If you’re a cannabis business owner, it behooves you to always stay on top of the latest cannabis industry trends. You can keep checking back with our blog to stay up to date.

And in the meantime, if your marketing strategy leaves much to be desired, then contact us today. Our agency will help you develop a much more effective strategy so you get the attention you deserve.