If you consider yourself marijuana savvy, you might think you already know all the facts about cannabis. And perhaps you do.

For instance, you probably already know that 420 (four-twenty) is code for consuming cannabis. You’ll hear it used widely in the cannabis culture and see it all over merchandise.

There are other more widely known facts, of course. Like, for instance, only female plants get you high. But just for the sake of good fun, we’ll share some of the stranger facts here.

Facts About Cannabis You May Not Know

The following facts won’t enlighten you. But they make you more popular at parties.

  1. There Are Over a Thousand Slang Words For It

For better or worse, there are at least 1,200 slang words for cannabis. Weed, pot, and marijuana are among the most well-known. Some of those that are more out there are good-good, broccoli, da kine (a Hawaiian surf slang) and even ‘bag of bones’ which refers to multiple marijuana cigarettes.

  1. Its Largest Producer of Resin Is In Africa

While you may immediately think Jamaica when you think anything cannabis related, it’s actually Morocco that lays claim to the highest global producer of marijuana resin (aka hashish). They account for 19% of the world’s total. The countries that follow Morocco are Afghanistan, Spain, Lebanon, and Pakistan.

Hashish has an economic staple for centuries. And even though it was banned during independence, it became more tolerated because of its tremendous contribution to their GDP.

  1. Has Use In Construction

The construction world is beginning to embrace Hempcrete as a better option than concrete for some applications. Made from hemp hurds and lime, it’s a biocomposite material that’s used in both construction and insulation. It’s easier to work with and isn’t as brittle as concrete. Plus, it works in most climates.

  1. It Shares Similar Chemicals With Chocolate

There are three chemicals in chocolate that increase dopamine concentrations in certain parts of the brain. These same three chemicals are found in marijuana. Interestingly, the effects are greater than with caffeine or morphine, and last longer than the effects of cocaine.

  1. Dates Back 2,500 Years Old

Finally, no matter how long you’ve been enjoying the leaf and in whatever form, we can guarantee you haven’t been partaking since its early days.

The first recorded psychoactive use of cannabis was on the eastern Tibetan Plateau 2,500 years ago. Chinese farmers were also growing the plant for oil, as well as fiber for making ropes, clothing, and paper. The Chinese would use heated rocks to smoke hemp, as well as boil the flowers with water to make a tea.

A relative of the hop plant, marijuana continues to grow wild across Central Asia.

You’ve Been Schooled

Now you’re loaded with facts about cannabis that will likely do nothing to forward your life. But there’s no need to be serious all the time.

One place where you do want to be serious is in your cannabis marketing efforts. Contact us today to talk with our specialists about ways we can really make your business shine.