MJBizCon Las Vegas

Logo courtesy of MJBizCon

MJBizCon is the largest marijuana related convention in the United States. Created by Marijuana Business Daily (the nation’s most recognized marijuana-focused magazine), the conference played host to nearly 7,000 vendors and thousands of attendees hoping to get a closer look at the cannabis industry and how it plans to evolve in the coming years. Grow Cannabis Marketing’s very own Mark Meisner made the trip out to Las Vegas from November 13th to November 17th to gain further insight on the cannabis business sector and how it plans to grow into a nationally acclaimed industry.

Mark Meisner had dozens of meetings while in Las Vegas with companies associated with all the facets of the industry. Some of these included growers, glass makers, security companies, processors and insurance providers. “I couldn’t believe the breadth of the event. Booths lined the convention center as far as the eye could see. This event truly demonstrated the impact the industry will have nationally, and more specifically, in Michigan”, said Meisner.

The conference floor hosted many Michigan-based vendors on a mission to show that the Michigan market will be able to compete with the rest of the states that are more progressive when it comes to marijuana use and the business opportunities surrounding it. Meisner was able to network with large Michigan-based processing companies as well as those interested in breaking into the industry on dispensary/retail level. In addition, Meisner was able to enlighten many vendors and attendees with information about the rapid growth happening in the Michigan market. The majority of the people he spoke with had no idea Michigan was even positioning itself to be one of the next recreational use states. This further highlights the importance of the work that Grow Cannabis Marketing is doing.

The main objective behind traveling to the Las Vegas conference was to spread information regarding Grow Cannabis Marketing and its services. What Grow Cannabis Marketing does is essential to anyone in the cannabis space as they aim to differentiate themselves in a soon to be even more saturated market.

If you would like to work with Grow Cannabis Marketing please contact us at info@grow-cannabismarketing.com or call us at 313-538-GROW (4769).