Does THC leave you feeling chill and buzzed and content? If that’s the case, consider yourself lucky because THC makes some people anxious.

And as marijuana businesses flourish and cannabis becomes increasingly legal across the country, more and more people are partaking in the joys of cannabis. Meanwhile, folks trying to avoid THC because it makes them feel off are often regarded as weird.

They’re often told they’re “doing it wrong” or that it’s in their head. It’s definitely not.

THC Makes Some People Anxious

Some people who use marijuana have a bad reaction with unpleasant symptoms. These include increased anxiety, racing thoughts, elevated heart rate, and even panic attacks.

So while others around them who have imbibed are happy and relaxed, they’re feeling an overwhelming excess of energy and sometimes a sense of terror. They want to seek out a quiet and dark place and require a calm friend to be with them.

What Happens With a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks are not life-threatening. But they certainly feel that way. And for people who aren’t familiar with them or who have never had one, the sheer terrifying feeling can land them in the emergency room.

Being overcome with dizziness, sweating, dry mouth, and elevated heart rate leaves sufferers certain that they’re about to collapse or die. These panic attacks can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes. And they can come in waves.

Those who struggle with panic attacks are encouraged to exercise, eat well, practice breathing to regulate themselves, and refrain from alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. Because of its ‘peaceful’ reputation, cannabis doesn’t make the list. It should though.

So What’s the Deal?

Giving a definitive answer is where it gets a little cloudy.

Sometimes it’s the chicken and egg argument. Many people turn to marijuana and cannabis because they already struggle with anxiety and panic disorders. They hope that it will alleviate their symptoms.

For some people, it does just that. But over time, they can become problem users and take increasingly higher doses. And the more THC in the system, the higher risk of anxiety and panic.

The recommended dosage of THC to lessen the risk of anxiety is in the 7.5 – 12.5mg range. So by paying attention to the lower dosage and using more sedative strains, some people who struggle with anxiety can actually find relief using cannabis.

They also know to avoid vaporizing cannabis which is the most likely to create anxiety because none of the drug is lost in smoke. In addition, because levels of citicoline (known to regulate anxiety and mood) temporarily decrease because of marijuana, taking citicoline supplements can help.

But these precautions don’t work for everyone.

For Some, THC Is Just Trouble

There are people for whom any amount of THC is problematic. They can have even just a minimal amount of THC is their bodies before the anxiety and paranoia kick in though.

No matter how many times they try to get that special cannabis high, it remains illusive. Because at the end of they day, a person’s response to THC depends on many factors such a genetics, gender, age, other medications and previous use. A person’s reaction to THC can even change from day to day.

So for those people, avoiding THC is just the wisest route.

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