If you’re in Michigan and haven’t heard of Ripple, that’s all about to change. And as their trusted cannabis marketing source, we couldn’t be more excited.

As Colorado’s most well known and trusted water-soluble cannabis powders and gummies brand for over seven years, Ripple now has a home in Michigan.

And they’ve made their presence known by launching a full line of medical/recreational THC gummies and dissolvables.

Ripple Now Has a Home in Michigan

Branding themselves Ripple Michigan, the company just unveiled their newly-opened 8,000-square-foot, multimillion-dollar cannabis manufacturing and processing facility in the Lansing suburb of Dimondale.

Ripple Michigan is sure to be a powerful new player in the Great Lakes State, launching with all three Ripple product lines, both for medical and recreational sale:


Ripple QuickDissolves are the O.G. fast-acting, water-soluble powder that dissolves quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage to make anything an edible.


Ripple QuickGummies are clinically proven to be 2X faster than the competition, in delicious all-natural flavors and a wide range of doses.


Ripple QuickSticks are the most convenient and fun way to get the fastest THC. Simply pour the delicious flavored powder on your tongue.

And with commitments secured in more than 150 dispensaries across the state (and as many more in the pipeline), Ripple products are already widely available in both medical and recreational dispensaries.

What Makes Ripple Unique?

First things first.

Ripple sponsored the nation’s first (and still only) clinical study on the pharmacokinetics of edible THC using commercially available products in human subjects. The study, conducted independently by Colorado State University researchers and published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Pharmaceuticals, found that all Ripple products were absorbed into the bloodstream significantly faster than market-leading gummy products. And twice as fast as products currently marketed as “quick.”

But Ripple Michigan also stands out from many other multi-state cannabis companies in that it does its own processing, using industry-leading techniques they honed in their seven years in the cannabis sector. They pride themselves on being a food company working with cannabis rather than a cannabis company playing with food.

The unique focus combined with the production technologies and methods they developed from scratch enables them to deliver consistency across the board – from extraction to finished product. That means consumers can count on the same great Ripple experience every time.

The Homecoming

Ripple is excited to bring high-quality, reliably dosed THC products to one of the country’s fastest-growing cannabis marketplaces. They’ve already created over 20 new jobs and anticipate plenty more.

But for two of Ripple’s three co-founders, there’s an additional level of excitement. Justin Singer, CEO, and Missy Bradley, VP of Marketing, both grew up in the metro Detroit area. So they’re thrilled to bring Ripple to their homestate.

“It’s been our dream from the start to bring Ripple here,” said Bradley. “We’ve been working diligently for the past seven years in Colorado to develop the best cannabis edibles on the market, and we could not be more excited to bring our products back home.”

“Midwesterners can sniff out B.S. a mile away, and they deserve fast-acting cannabis products they can actually trust to deliver what they promise. Ripple is the only cannabis edibles company using published, peer-reviewed human clinical research to substantiate our fast-acting claims,” said Singer. “We know personally that Michigan has some of the best and brightest people in the world. And, of course, we’re delighted to have our products available in the same state that pioneered Vernor’s, Faygo Red Pop, Better Made Chips, and the Coney dog.”

Ready to Try Ripple?

If you’re a Michigander, you’re never far from high-quality, quick-acting product since Ripple now has a home in Michigan. So see what the hype is all about.

And if you’re a cannabis business owner looking to grow and expand, don’t underestimate the value of experienced marketing and public relations. Contact us today to see how we can help.