Who doesn’t love a road trip? Okay, it’s a rhetorical question. We recognize not everyone is on board for hitting the road and heading out into the wild blue yonder.

But what if this summer’s road trip had a different twist? Let’s say… a cross-country cannabis vacation maybe? (As the title blatantly suggests.)

Now that marijuana is legal across far more states than not, wouldn’t you like to get the full-on United States weed experience? If so, read on.

Planning Your Cross-Country Cannabis Vacation

You may not have time to do the full cross-country experience. But there are more than a handful of states across the country that offer unique weed experiences.

So whether you’re going gang busters or keeping it to a smaller corral, we’ll take a gander at cannabis culture across several regions of the United States.

  1. Pacific Northwest

If you’re looking to start your journey at one of the freest places in the country for cannabis, head to Portland, Oregon. Recreational has been legal in Oregon since 2015. But more than just allowing cannabis, there are activities that actually incorporate it – such as yoga classes and drag shows.

Head north to Seattle and take in their great music, amazing food, and hiking trails as the perfect accompaniment for your favorite ganga. It’s another city that’s full of free love for marijuana.

  1. West

You might assume that Las Vegas – the ultimate city of vice – would be teeming with cannabis. Interestingly, the city was against the leaf for a long time. As such, by the time they got around to legalizing it, many other cities had already established themselves as weed meccas. Even so, in the years since legalization, it’s been quick to become a world-class destination. They do it up top-notch.

Further west, Denver just got second place this year as one of the best stoner cities. Having legalized marijuana in 2012, they have one of the most mature industries in the country. Add to that the wealth of dispensaries (four times the number per capita as Los Angeles) and killer music venues, trails, and head shops, and it’s a weed haven.

  1. Midwest

Head east and slightly north from Denver and you’ll hit Chicago. Another city that’s fairly new to legalization, they’ve been quick to catch up with cities that have been at it for years. Cannabis is the perfect partner for their great music scene and comedy clubs.

Further east, Detroit and its surrounding communities have become a hotbed for cannabis entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Plus, the energy in Detroit is electric as a city that’s made a major (and we mean, MAJOR) comeback. Once deemed the Paris of the West in the 1930s, it plummeted to the world’s murder capitol by the 1970s. It’s experiencing an impressive renaissance – and cannabis has been a player.

Meanwhile, neighboring Ann Arbor just held its 51st Hash Bash – a well-known event that features live music, vendors, and speakers. Back in the day, it was a political cannabis rally with a fierce pro-legalization stance. Today, the city has no shortage of dispensaries or colorful cannabis culture.

  1. Northeast

Recreational cannabis wasn’t legalized until 2018 in Vermont. Then with the debacle called Covid, their adult-use market was slow to get up and running. This enabled home-growers to really perfect their craft. As such, there is still a lot of amazing cannabis floating around in the crunchy hippie capitol of the northeast.

And finally, if you’re hoping our special cross-country cannabis vacation ends in New York City, you’ll be disappointed. Don’t get us wrong. NYC is an amazing city. But there is only a handful of dispensaries to serve their millions of residents. When it comes to getting quality service, cheap product, and a passionate weed scene, Buffalo is actually the place to be. In fact, it came in third place behind Denver for the 2023 best stoner cities. So check it out. And get some hot wings while you’re there.

This Is The Summer To Stay In The Weeds

Obviously, you can plan your cross-country cannabis vacation to hit any and every destination that interests you. These are just our latest recommendations.

And if you’re looking for more interesting articles on all things cannabis – particularly in southeast Michigan – keep checking back with our blog!