Are you planning your dispensary’s grand opening or other major event?

Amplifying brand awareness goes beyond plastering said event all over social media. That helps, of course.

As cannabis public relations experts, we can tell you that what seals success is getting media coverage for your cannabis event. But how do you go about doing that?

Getting Media Coverage for Your Cannabis Event

You’ve likely spent countless hours preparing for your event. Positive  media exposure will boost your brand awareness and drive foot traffic. So here are three questions you’ll want to answer to get that needed media coverage.

  1. Why Does My Event Matter?

If you don’t know the answer to this question before you contact a media outlet, they’re going to be less likely to take the story on. Just because your event seems like a major milestone for you, the local media or community may not see it that way.

So why is your event important? Is it the first of its kind? Does it establish you as an early adopter?

Also, consider the impact the event might have on your local community or city. Will it bring some sort of positive awareness to something happening there?

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of well-known and respected public figures participating in your event. If you’re able to include an important figure, you can use it as leverage to get media coverage.

  1. Who Would Effectively Cover the News?

Regardless of what you deem to be your favorite news outlets, be sure that you’re reaching the proper demographic. For example, you may be familiar with the personalities covering the sports that interest you. And while bringing a sports star to your event could boost attendance, going to sportscasters for media coverage might not be ideal.

Reporters who cover topics such as health and wellness or business will render better results. You can search the name of the media outlet with whom you want to work followed by the word “cannabis.” The results should show you which writers or reporters have covered cannabis. Then you can contact them.

Even better, working directly with a cannabis public relations firm that has major media connections will give you an even stronger advantage.

  1. Who Will Write Your Press Release

A press release is the preferred way for editors, reporters, and journalists to receive news tips. Again, this is where working with a cannabis public relations expert can make all the different. They are staffed with professional writers who know how to write effective press releases and get them to the right media outlets.

But if you need to go at it on your own and you want to invite media to attend and cover your event, be sure to include links to the press release rather than attaching it as a separate file. Otherwise, it could get sent to their spam file.

Need Help Getting Coverage?

You’ve got enough going on planning for your big event. Let us take care of getting the coverage you need.

Contact us today. We’ll make getting media coverage for your cannabis event a top priority.