Low-THC medical marijuana can provide tremendous relief for people suffering severe symptoms from a scope of dire conditions.

The problem is, in states where recreational use is allowed, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find low-THC products because it’s the flower that’s the most profitable product.

This is part of what’s driving the movement to have medical cannabis in Georgia drugstores.

Medical Cannabis in Georgia Drugstores?

Many of the less-informed residents of the state are concerned that their local CVS or Walgreens will be stocking THC gummies next to their favorite candy bar. That’s not the case though.

First, it will only be local pharmacies involved. In fact, 130 local pharmacies have already agreed to sell medical marijuana. And there are more than 400 independent pharmacies interested in attaining a THC sale license. This would put 90% of Georgians within a 30-minute drive of a pharmacy that stocks low-THC medical marijuana.

Second, customers won’t find products willy-nilly on the shelves and instead will need to go to the pharmacy just as they would for any other medication.

Third, access will be restricted to patients with just sixteen diseases including Alzheimer’s, PTSD, some stages of cancer, Crohn’s, and sickle cell. Even so, it will be a godsend for those patients.

Why Georgia?

Yep. Georgia.

That this would occur in a conservative Deep South state like Georgia might seem surprising. Some states require a pharmacist to be on staff at their dispensaries, but pharmacies don’t sell it. There are at least three states that have a law on the books that would allow pharmacies to sell. At this point, they’re not implementing the law though.

In 2019, the Georgia General Assembly approved the distribution of low-dose THC oil. Creating the regulatory infrastructure to sell it has taken considerable time though.

Under Georgia law, products sold at pharmacies can only be up to 5% THC. This is perfect though because doctors often suggest patients use low-THC medical cannabis to help with pain, nausea, insomnia, and other issues. Plus, the products are ideal for taking on a long-term regular basis.

The Pharmacist Advantage

Pharmacists across the state say that patients have wanted this kind of access for years. Patients come to them with their cards in hopes of getting low-THC medical marijuana. Their only option is often to go to dispensaries in shady areas or even in other states to find it.

There are advantages to getting THC from a pharmacist. They’re able to provide their patients with education, resources, and even counsel to lead them to the right products. And at the end of the day, the reality is that patients often see their pharmacists more than their doctors.

Whatever the case, access to medical cannabis in Georgia drugstores is going to make a big difference for these patients. And it may even be the precursor to a whole new movement.

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