With Cannabis industries growing faster than ever, more opportunities are arising for entrepreneurs. Although the industry is thriving, many are facing challenges due to cannabis still being federally illegal. Since marijuana is still federally illegal, big social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter don’t allow companies to market their weed-related products.

According to Google Support, users are forbidden to promote recreational drug use, which also adds to the challenges for cannabis-related-entrepreneurs.

For those who have been searching for a loophole, one has been found which is the using social media influencers to their advantage. From celebrities, blog writer and YouTube vloggers, people are paying these influencers to promote their cannabis companies without the restrictions of these social media platforms. According to Anita Kilian’s article, “How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Cannabis Brand,” partnering with influencers can grow your brand for half the price of other media outlets. The Kilian also states that having a social media influencer builds trust with the audience and is the most authentic and effective way to send a message.

Social media influencers involved with marijuana understand the difficulties cannabis-based businesses go through. Social media influencer Bess Byers has explained the issues he’s come across using YouTube as a platform for influencing like “pro-marijuana” channels getting shut down with no prior warning.This is a constant recurring challenge that Bryers, along with other influencers, are still facing and are trying to find a way to overcome.

With cannabis businesses on the rise with such little marketing opportunities, it will be exciting to see the new creative ways social media influencers are able to advertise and be advocates for cannabis companies. From blog posts, to 10 second snapchat videos, influencers and audiences will adapt to the new and upcoming trends in the marijuana industry.