As experts in cannabis public relations, we’ve seen first-hand how wild and wacky the world of cannabis can be. It’s chock full of big personalities with loud voices and an amazing presence. And they thrive at weed events.

Meanwhile, the more introverted cannabis users slink back and shy away from this boisterousness in every situation. This makes it especially tough to attend a cannabis event.

And given that introverts make up 25-40% of the population, some of these folks are wondering if there are weed events for introverts.

Not All Introverts Are the Same

Generally speaking, introverts don’t care for large social gatherings. They need plenty of alone time and prefer deep social interactions to those that include a lot of small talk (i.e. weed events).

Yet there’s no cookie-cutter mold for all introverts. Anxious introverts, for example, are the most uncomfortable in large groups. But they can be helpful behind the scenes. So they may enjoy a weed event where their services are needed.

Social introverts, on the other hand, are okay with the social aspect of events. They prefer smaller events though and need to be able to recharge with alone time. So they would be well-suited for weed events that have smaller gatherings within them.

Thinking introverts get easily lost in thought and they love to dwell in the world of ideas. Social interaction is not their cup of tea. Even so, their strength for creative ventures could make them a valuable part of an event.

Finally, a restrained introvert is guarded but eventually opens up. This sort of introvert would do okay at a weed event as long as s/he is given enough space. Once a restrained introvert opens up, s/he can have a grounding energy in social settings.

It should be noted that introversion is different from social anxiety which can leave the sufferer paralyzed by social situations.

So Then Are There Weed Events for Introverts?

Well, not exactly. None that are intentionally designated as such.

There will be events more appealing to introverts than others. They may be more drawn to education sessions, infused dinners, yoga classes, or creativity workshops. Generally speaking, they’ll be more drawn to intimate events with smaller groups. And many weed events have these offerings.

Typically speaking, the best way for introverts to approach a weed event is to have something of a plan rather than trying to go with the flow. Going in rested and energized with a focus on quality interactions versus quantity is a good place to start. Some folks like to go in with conversation starters at the ready. Or they may bring with something they keep in their hands for comfort. Finally, there’s always the option of microdosing psilocybin to take the edge off.

Embrace Your Introversion!

If you’re an introvert and you happily accept who you are, then kudos to you! Introverts have so much to contribute to society – even if they do it quietly and maybe don’t get the credit they deserve. Whatever the case, you don’t need to give up your authenticity to attend a cannabis event. Perhaps you go, armed with some of the tips above. Or maybe you just skip it this time. There’s no one right way.

All you can do it what’s right for you.

Is Your Cannabis Business Looking for a Louder Voice?

If you’re both a cannabis business owner and the quiet type who’s seeking weed events for introverts, you may be having trouble getting yourself out there.

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