In our last riveting post, we talked about software for dispensaries.

So think of this post as the sequel. But unlike most sequels, this one is better and more exciting.

Because while rattling on about software to help dispensaries run more effectively was necessary, it was also a little like taking a business class.

Yeah, we KNOW that apps are software too. We get it.

But apps are, by nature, just a lot more fun. They’re the software you’d invite to a party.

So let’s take a look at what are currently deemed the coolest apps for cannabis entrepreneurs.

  1. Weedmaps

Back in the day when it was tough to determine where to find the best ganja, Weedmaps was there to help.

We’re not talking about hooking you up with a dealer. Weedmaps guided you to the best dispensaries and delivery services.

It’s evolved since the early days. Now you can use Weedmaps to browse through products and they’ll give you the all the 411 on where to buy it, how much it is, and what the THC content is.

Plus, there are social forums and informational sections to keep you in the know.

  1. Leafly

Leafly is a huge and impressive cannabis website. But it’s also a mobile app that allows users to rate and review different strains of cannabis, as well as dispensaries.

It’s similar to Weedmaps in that you’re able to click on a strain to find out its effects, read reviews and find out where you can buy it.

But it’s most special feature is that it allows you to match your desired mood with the right strain.

  1. Simleaf

If you have any notion of going into cannabis cultivation, you’ll want to check out Simleaf.

Perhaps you’ve heard of SimCity? This app follows the same concept. It allows you to grow your own virtual weed in a 3-D environment.

The simulated experience of nurturing a marijuana plant from seed to flower helps you to figure out the life cycle of the plant, without losing a ton of capital if they don’t survive.

  1. Growtronix

Growtronix is unique in that it’s not available on standard app stores.

This app is an all-out automation system for your grow room. It’s made up of numerous pieces of hardware and software.

The basic package offers you controllers, a network interface, temperature and humidity sensors, and a comprehensive software suite including desktop and smartphone apps.

Growtronix is considered a heavy hitter on the cannabis apps market. And it really is in a class by itself. So if you’re interested in acquiring it, you’ll need to directly contact the maker.

  1. Trym

This is another one for the grower.

With the Trym Grow App, you’re able to monitor your grow, manage your team, and track your plants all in one app. And you can do it from your smartphone.

There also a bonus Explore App that delivers analytics based on data collected from sensors and the Grow App. In both cases, cultivators can develop and track tasks for their entire team, create plant batches, and optimize workflow according to facility, room, or strain.

  1. MassRoots

MassRoots delivers both relevant and local cannabis-related news, as well as global content. It also enables you to network with cannabis enthusiasts across the span of sectors in the industry.

You can also share pictures, videos, news, and anything else that’s cannabis-related with your ”Buds” on MassRoots. It’s a great way to get internet presence.

  1. Green Bits

Green Bits is one of the most trusted POS for marijuana retailers.

Because it utilizes cloud technology to integrate with back end software, it’s easy to scan products, monitor inventory, and take payments.

And as we discussed in our previous post, Green Bits has taken advantages of the openly integrated platform idea by being the first to integrate with both WeedMaps and Leafly.

Green Bits is currently one of the best ways to make and track sales.

  1. Best in Grow

This app is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades.

It is able to schedule, manage tasks, update compliance, and even train employees.

And if that weren’t enough, it’s also a good communication tool, with timelines, chat features, and news feeds not unlike those on Facebook -where cannabis companies are restricted.

  1. Duby

Duby is rather like the Facebook for cannabis fans across the globe.

This social media app gives folks a place to share photos, instant message other users, and post pot-related articles or stories.

And once again, unlike with Facebook, cannabis business owners can use Duby for advertising or marketing research purposes. All while building that online awareness that could increase your brand awareness.

  1. LinkedIn

Okay. Obviously, LinkedIn is not a cannabis app, per se.

But it IS a B2B platform with a more liberal approach than some others. In other words, you can promote your canna-business on it.

You can also use it to network and to learn about the latest trends and insights. There are plenty of cannabis industry groups you can join to stay in touch with who’s who and what’s what in the world of marijuana.

So if you’re not on LinkedIn, you’d best get to it.

Apps for Cannabis Entrepreneurs Abound

Getting yourself cannabis business out there and known is key. And there’s certainly no shortage of apps for cannabis entrepreneurs that can help you with this.

But when it comes down to cannabis marketing strategies that really make the difference, turn to the professionals.

Contact us today to see if you’re getting the most out of your current marketing strategies. And start making those apps count.